Kids Soccer Programs North NJ

Our weekly preschool HappyFeet classes are only 30 minutes long and take place at your child’s preschool during the day. These sessions will include structured soccer activities using our "Bob the Bobcat" soccer balls along with other equipment.

Our classes are broken down by age allowing kids to be successful at their level and puts them in a setting where the classes will always be age appropriate.



Kids Soccer Programs North NJ

Kids Soccer Programs North NJ

The weekend league program runs seasonally in the Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter. Although we try our best to be consistent, locations can vary based on field availability.

This program is beneficial to those parents who are busy during the week and still want to have their child participate on the weekends or for families who's preschools do not offer HappyFeet classes.

The Weekend League Program contains all the elements and fundamentals of the HappyFeet curriculum to help further advance your own child’s soccer skills as they age through our program.

And of course, everything is age-appropriate and conducted in a safe and fun environment. This is a great way for the entire family to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer just as much as the kids do!

Weekday CLasses

Happyfeet Soccer

Our weekday public classes are perfect for the stay-at-home parent or a family who's young children are not currently enrolled in a preschool. These classes have the same structure as our classes that are held inside the preschools.  Kids will have the opportunity to begin working on their social skills while having fun and exercising!

*available in select areas only